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Who Kings Highway Media works with: Sports and Entertainment Companies, Media Rights Agencies, Venture Capital, Private Equity Firms, and IP Rights Holders.

What we do: Substantially expand the revenue potential of the media content your firm currently owns or produces by negotiating lucrative market-by- market multi-platform media rights deals.
We have experience generating substantial profits for our clients by identifying opportunities and effectively integrating the expansion of Media Rights, OTT/Video On Demand (VOD), CPG (licensing), Home Entertainment, Digital/Social Media, Mobile, Events, Pay-Per-View (PPV) and Publishing, into a cross-promotional marketing matrix in either local or global markets.

Past success predicts future success: We’ve built relationships with key players in the industry and secured Media Rights agreements across all platforms, working with industry leaders such as News Corp, MBC, JSports, Fuji, Shanghai Media Group, Mediaset, TFI’s NTI, Sevenload, eTV, Zee Networks, Sify, Telefonica, Group Prisa’s Sogecable and MediaPro.

Kings Highway Media has negotiated multi-platform media rights contracts globally on behalf of sports and entertainment companies, leagues, venture capital and private equity firms, IP Rights Holders, and other properties.

Looking to expand internationally? Licensing your media content abroad brings with it a larger set of challenges when tapping into these lucrative markets. Conducting research to determine if your content is relevant, identifying distribution channels and market preferences are all challenges we have solved for our clients.

We have negotiated international agreements in markets including the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, Portugal, South Africa, India, Japan, Korea, Mexico, China and Brazil to name a few that made WWE, and GLORY Sports the leaders they are today; we look forward to doing the same for your brand.

We also provide local marketing strategies to support the content’s expansion. Our skills include directing marketing, promotion and public relations campaigns across the top 200 DMA’s in the United States and the top 100 international markets. We ensure your message reaches your target audience and spurs them to action. Additionally, we have broad experience delivering live events – whether jumpstarting interest in your emerging brand or underperforming asset. Our tailored go-to-market strategies will tip the scales in your favor as your content enters new territory.

We put our client’s best interests first. The executives at Kings Highway Media have over 20 years of experience optimizing the P&L for all lines of business to ensure that our clients receive the maximum value for their investment. Kings Highway Media’s principals bring over 75 total years of expertise in spearheading development of international and domestic media growth for private and public companies ranging in size from startup to multi-billion dollar corporations.

Looking for even more revenue opportunities? We also advise our clients on the sales of sponsorship packages and the development of licensing program opportunities. Kings Highway Media’s portfolio of industry contacts and trusted experts is deep, and all decisions are made to the advantage of the client.

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Andrew Whitaker is the Managing Partner of Kings Highway Media.

Andrew Whitaker

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